Kermode Forest Products is committed to the transparency and credibility of our supply chain and the story of the products we are selling. We feel strongly that it is our responsibility to provide a safe and sustainable product; and that our customers understand and feel confident in that fact. This is why we take great pride in conducting business under the stiff regulations and practices proposed by the PEFC.

The PEFC is an umbrella organization that works by endorsing over 40 national forest certification systems, thereby overseeing over 770 million acres of forest world wide. On a local level each national certification system undergoes third-party assessment against PEFC’s international benchmarks to ensure consistency. These benchmarks are continually revised with consideration from multiple stakeholders from businesses to governments and taking into account the latest societal, technological and emotional changes. In summary, the PEFC is the largest certification program in the world and works hard to ensure that timber products are produced with the highest respect for ecological, social and ethical standards.

"Thanks Matt for the awesome service."

- Kelvin Chan