Kermode Forest Products is a manufacturer and re-manufacturer of high quality softwood lumber products.

We are a multi-generational family company who take great pride in the quality, reliability, and sustainability of our products. Sourced directly from the beautiful forests of British Columbia.

  • Yellow Cedar Decking

    Yellow Cedar is the perfect decking solution: it’s all natural, rot resistant, durable and economical. Available in multiple grades, sizes and price points.

  • Yellow Cedar Fencing

    Our all natural, rot resistant, durable and economical fencing is available in multiple grades and rougher headed for easy staining and painting.

  • Yellow Cedar Siding

    The ideal choice for any exterior siding needs, our Yellow Cedar Siding features sound & tight knots, light uniform colour, and natural rot resistance for long lasting beauty.

  • Yellow Cedar Timber & Lumber

    Durable, stable, and rot resistant Yellow Cedar Timbers and Lumber not only look beautiful but stay beautiful.