Find answers to commonly asked questions regarding our products, services, manufacturing and sustainability practices below. For any additional information you can visit the informational resources under our “blog” page or contact us directly by phone, email or dropbox.

What does green mean?

Green refers to the state of the material. When one refers to a piece of wood as being green, it means that piece of wood has not gone through any processes in order to eliminate moisture from it. For example kiln drying or air drying.

What are the main differences between Red Cedar and Yellow Cedar?

Typically yellow cedar tends to have a tighter grain structure, making the material more dense. The grain of Yellow cedar is often tighter than Red cedar. Yellow cedar is also a stronger material, which means less dents and scratches. The increase in tannins within yellow cedar is also a benefit as it produces a more rot resistant character compared to red cedar. The two species have different smells. While we cannot comment on the personal preferences of individuals, we can say that the smell of yellow cedar dissuades insects from infecting the material.

Why is Yellow Cedar good for exterior applications?

Strength, durable density and natural rot resistance create a great combination for longevity against the elements.

How long will my deck last? 

Depending on the care and maintenance you take, a well built Yellow Cedar deck can last anywhere from 20 – 35 years.

Do you sell anything other than softwoods?

No, Kermode Forest Products exclusively sells soft wood products. There are no hardwoods, plywoods or building supplies. 

How do I order custom materials that aren’t on the shop page?

You can request custom products you don’t see for purchase on the site by using one of the “need something more” drop boxes, or by contacting us directly via email or phone.

How long do custom orders typically take?

Wait times do vary; however on average custom orders take 2 – 4 days.

Is Yellow Cedar good for staining and painting? 

Yes, yellow cedar is equal to if not better at allowing stain and paint. The light and uniform colour allow you to use a range of colours without multiple layers of pre-coat. In addition, our fencing products often come with or can be adapted to include a rougher head profile. This leads to a more effective result as the paint and stain can more easily attach itself to the wood. The rougher the better.

How do I keep my deck looking new? 

While certain stains and clear coats can slow the vicious aging caused by the natural elements, the only way to truly keep your deck “looking fresh” is by working hard one or every two years to remove and re-apply the chosen stain or paint.

Do you deliver?

Yes we deliver.

How do I pick up my material?

Once your pickup date has arisen or your package is ready you will receive a notification. As you arrive on location you will have to notify your sales team member contact, following your notification we will direct you to the yard and help you load your vehicle by hand, or if possible with forklifts. If you have not pre-paid you will then be directed back to the office to process the payment. 

What species do you carry?

Yellow Cedar, Hemlock, Douglas Fir, Western White Spruce, Western Larch, Hem-fir, Hemlock / Balsam, SPF

Where are your logs sourced?

All our logs are sourced right here in British Columbia.

Where do you export to?

We export world wide.

What mill do you use?

We use various local mills at which we have a strong personal and professional connection to.

Can you manufacture custom items?

Yes, with access to both specialty mills and in-house remanufacturing we are able to do custom items for both wholesale and retail customers.

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