Serving you with over 49 years of reliable, sustainable and valuable coastal softwood export experience.

Our story began with the exporting of local coastal softwoods to Asia and Europe. 49 years later we have refined these processes, while expanding to three more continents. All the while growing and learning about the intricacies and necessities of international exportation to serve you better.

    Yellow Cedar is a lesser known species in the cypress family but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hold tremendous value. Sourced from the interior of Vancouver Island, B.C, old growth Yellow Cedar is arguably more rot resistant and durable than Red Cedar, while typically costing a fraction of the price. With our custom manufacturing and re-manufacturing capabilities Yellow Cedar is a great option for any outdoor landscape and construction needs.

    Western Red Cedar is one of the most beautiful, versatile and durable species on the coast of B.C. Red Cedar’s natural rot resistance, insect dissuasion, and stability make it a prime choice for exterior projects from fencing and siding to boat building and decking. While unique colour, texture and fine grain also present opportunities for interior applications such as paneling, mouldings and even musical instruments. This combination of traits in a single species is why Red Cedar is one of the most valuable coastal species available.

    Western Hemlock is regarded as the most plentiful tree species on B.C’s coast. It shares similar characteristics with many amabilis firs and are commonly sold together as Hem-fir. Attractive characteristics such as strength and stiffness make it ideal for construction, laminating stock and glulam beams especially in horizontal applications. While the excellent appearance, workability and satiability also make it ideal for mouldings and interior woodworking.

    White Spruce is a conifer which is widespread across Canada and Norther regions of the United States; however the highest grades of White Spruce grow in Northern B.C. White Spruce wood is creamy white in colour, light in weight with great strength characteristics. It also features very fine and straight grain. Common applications for high grade White Spruce include Pianos, guitars, paddles; as well as, traditional Japanese windows, doors and Trims.

    There are two varieties of Douglas Fir, both the interior and coastal varieties are sourced here at Kermode Forest Products. Prominent characteristics of both varieties include its workability, strength, durability, abrasion resistance and beauty. Due to these desirable characteristics Douglas Fir is often utilized for heavy structural purposes such as glulam beams, roof trusses, door frames, window frames and other millwork. Finally, its fast and steady growth make it very economical and environmentally friendly.

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