1×5 Rougher Headed Standard Fencing

Douglas Fir is one of B.C’s most plentiful species; it also has a very short growth time and is logged for longer duration during the year. This access, makes Douglas Fir very popular, especially as one of the more enviromentally efficient softwood species. Douglas fir has great strength to wheight properties and is well known for its workability. The Species has small dimensional movement and little tendency to check when dried. It is relatively easy to work, with good machining qualities. It planes and moulds well and can be sanded to a smooth finish. Douglas Fir glues easily, has good nail and screw holding ability and takes a good finish.

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Product Specifications

  • Type: Douglas Fir

  • Length: Variable - see options

  • Edge Profile: Rougher Headed

  • State: Kiln Dried

  • Thickness: Nominal 1” / Net 3/4”

  • Width: Nominal 5" / Net 4-15/16”

  • Utilization: Outdoor

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