1×6 V-Joint T&G Standard Fencing

Yellow Cedar is one of the most rot resistant, stable, and durable softwood species. This combination is ideal for making a long lasting fence. In addition, the signature rougher headed profile offers a uniform and long lasting finish that is easy to stain or paint. While similar rot resistant characteristics in treated products exist, few if any products can compete with the combination of exceptional beauty and rot resistance that natural yellow cedar possesses. Furthermore, the immediate impact of chemical runoff in environmentally sensitive areas, along with, long term environmental impact of pressure treated production are additional factors to consider when choosing your fencing products.

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Product Specifications

  • Type: Yellow Cedar

  • Length: Variable - see options

  • Edge Profile: Moulder finish

  • State: green

  • Thickness: Nominal 1” / Net 13/16”

  • Width: Nominal 6” / Net 5-3/4”

  • Utilization: Outdoor

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