6×6 Rough Green Standard Timber

Structural grades of Yellow cedar are often used for bridges, home construction, railway ties and in the landscape. The natural rot resistance is often specified for environmentally sensitive purposes where chemically treated material is unsuitable. While the long term effects of chemically treated production continue to threaten the health of the planet. Yellow Cedar is hard, durable and holds against seasonal elements well, these properties are elite compared to all other softwoods and ideal for construction and load bearing. It also takes and holds glue, nails and screws well, another advantage of using Yellow Cedar as a construction material.

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Product Specifications

  • Type: Yellow Cedar

  • Length: Variable - see options

  • Edge Profile: Rough

  • State: Green

  • Thickness: Nominal 6” / Net 5-7/8”

  • Width: Nominal 6” / Net 5-7/8”

  • Utilization: Outdoor

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