5/4×6 Larch Sound & Tight Knot Decking


Our new 5/4×6 Larch decking is the perfect balance of economy and utility. Typically 15-30% under red cedar decking price points, while still holding great rot resistant, durable, stable, and natural long lasting properties this is perfect for any individuals looking for a natural product on a budget. Not only do natural products typically have a lower environmental impact long term but they also avoid the more immediate impact of having chemical run off in your water, yard and soil. This is essential for environmentally sensitive areas, such as your backyard.

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Product Specifications

  • Type: Larch

  • Length: Variable - see options

  • Edge Profile: S4S eased edge

  • State: Kiln Dried

  • Thickness: Nominal 5/4 x 6” / Net 1”

  • Width: Nominal 6” / Net 5-½”

  • Utilization: Primarily outdoor, also usable indoor

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