Additional lengths and profiles are available upon request.

Yellow cedar channel is an excellent choice for five simple reasons. It will last a long time because of its natural rot resistant performance characteristics. Secondly, it is dimensionally stable and versatile. It is easy to handle for easy adaptability and applicability. Visually, the natural wood presents a light warm character, subsidized by the tight grain rings which offers a pleasing uniformity. Finally, the yellow cedar channel, in comparison to its substitutes, has a low long term environmental impact. The kiln dried and duel profile moulder finish specific to our product makes this the perfect choice for not only exterior siding and soffits; but also, interior walls, ceilings, and even flooring.

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Product Specifications

  • Type: Yellow Cedar

  • Length: variable - see options

  • Edge Profile: Fineline 1/8" gap / V4E

  • State: Kiln Dried

  • Thickness: Nominal 1” / Net 5/8 “

  • Width: Nominal 4” / Net 3-1/2” / cover 3"

  • Utilization: Indoor and outdoor

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