2×6 Yellow Cedar C&BTR Clear Decking


High grade yellow cedar, which can be scarce, is often used for specialty construction such as temples, shrines, carving and decorative outdoor applications because of it’s prestige and natural qualities. Natural characteristics such as hardiness, durability, and rot resistance are ideal for exterior applications. The natural rot resistance is often specified for environmentally sensitive purposes where chemically treated material is unsuitable. The finished product is kiln dried to decrease warping before installation. Finally, yellow cedar has great workability; easily maneuverable, screwable and glueable.

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Product Specifications

  • Type: Yellow Cedar

  • Length: variable - see options

  • Edge Profile: S4S eased edge

  • State: Kiln Dried

  • Thickness: Nominal 2” / Net 1-½"

  • Width: Nominal 6” / Net 5-½"

  • Utilization: Primarily outdoor, also usable indoor

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